Conspiracy Theorist

Conspiracy theorist


“Divide and conquer” and “nothing sells as good as fear”. Just two phrases. At first glance. And yet, in the light of an ongoing “COVID-19 Pandemic”, these phrases are not as random as they seem. Each time I open my eyes and get out of bed, I’m immediately switched “on”. I like to think of myself as a blue-collar independent thinker and philosopher. Not overly educated but “hungry” for knowledge of any kind. Because “knowledge is power”. Not to rule, but to ensure my freedom and independence.


As of now, these are hard times for independent thinkers. Now, personally, I’m not worried. I just carry on using my own common sense in the sense of “hold my beer, I got this.” My stubbornness helps. I take in as much as I can, I debunk, debunk the debunked and then I make up my own mind. I do this in a (global) society at large which is polluted by those two phrases that I mentioned above. Having a stance like this these days may provide me with that familiar label “conspiracy theorist”.


Wrongfully so. I simply flat out refuse to “take up my ass” anything that is fed to me without questioning it all. This is not time or energy consuming, it’s my way of life. And, what slowly but surely is imposed on me, again, is the thought of George Orwell’s “1984”. The Masses are being conditioned to accept an agenda which has been in place for ages. An agenda that plays right into the hands of a very small group of people, unseen, pulling the strings behind a black curtain. The “Elite”.


I’m throwing in a few keywords here, and it’s up to you to investigate those: Rothschild, Morgan, Bush, Orsini, Windsor, Du Pont, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, The Vanguard Group, Blackrock Inc., State Street Corp., Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Bill & Melinda Gates, Bill & Hillary Clinton, George Soros, World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, “A New World Order”, “The Great Reset”, “Building Back Better”. All this revolves around the top 1% who owns 82% of the world’s resources. We’re the 99%.


In a fine maze of institutional investors, they own everything we use, eat, drink, see and hear. In short, anything we as Masses consume. Industry, Technology, Pharma, Food, Mainstream Media. And as Masses we’ve shown that we accept it, intimidated by “divide and conquer” and “nothing sells as good as fear”. By bulk-buying toilet paper at the start of the Corona pandemic, we’ve shown that we are not the sharpest knife in the drawer. And, dissidents are “conspiracy theorist” outlaws.


I guess I earned the label “conspiracy theorist” now for some. That’s OK, I can live with that. Because I know better. To me it’s simply unavoidable to discern a pattern in it all. All the required information is readily available on the Internet. Courtesy of the Elite’s arrogance. They are open about it and get away with it. The goal is independent Nations seizing to exist, one Global Government in their place, you and I owning nothing, in exchange for that Global Government “taking care” of it all and all of us.


That is the “1984” scenario one-on-one. The Corona crisis, with a real virus that is responsible for less than 1% kill ratio in our world, is too good to pass on as an opportunity for imposing changes. The “pandemic scenario” has been rehearsed several times beforehand. This has been documented, in writings and on film. Every player involved, as mentioned in those keywords above, and politicians and medical sector added. Slaved to those main players, in order to sell it to all of us, the Masses.


So, in my country I regularly hear our PM Mark Rutte and his sidekick Hugo de Jonge on their press conferences. I see other Dutch politicians involved, such as Sigrid Kaag and Ferd Grapperhaus. The latter two, not by coincidence, also involved with Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. All of their statements, including their numbers and graphs, I’m not taking too seriously. However, they are the Elite’s puppets who do the ground work. And, they’re doing a good job, destroying the “old normal”.


I feel that our society, as we knew it before Corona, is being dismantled in a slow and not even subtle but very upfront way. First, the smaller (retail) businesses are killed as our backbone. A huge economic recession is starting and will be the foundation for that “Great Reset”. As you and I (well, not I) grow more accustomed to that “new normal”, “Corona protocols” will be lifted one by one. But, not before all of us have taken it all up our ass. That new regained freedom will not be so free…


Sounds like a Doom’s Day scenario, doesn’t it? Well, to me it’s not that far-fetched. However, I feel that there is a remedy. As I see it, the Masses have one thing going for them: sheer numbers. And now, in order to really earn that stamp “conspiracy lunatic” I will dust off that phrase: “wake up, sheeples!” Because I feel that we need the independent and critical thinkers now more than ever. In huge numbers. No Elite can withstand that force, ever. Don’t be scared. Just question everything…


No Orwell’s “1984”! “The People do not serve the Government. The Government serves The People.”