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Blogs in English and Dutch

This is my weblog site in which I will share my personal thoughts in a brutally honest way, by writing directly here as well as adding older writings. These will not necessarily narrate about aviation, as those who know me or who follow my artwork would expect from me. These writings are strictly my personal opinions, visions, my outlook in this world and my personal sentiments about it all. In short, stories about anything that moves me. These could be random subjects about anything. Personal experiences, social subjects, politics, religion, history. The sky is the limit and there are no taboos. Why blogging? Absolutely not out of arrogance or vanity. After all, who am I? No, this is about sharing thoughts, emotions and views with the world around me. It's meant to be motivational as well as an effort to have people using all their senses and putting and/or keeping their thinking caps on. It's a means of collecting my writings in one place. Blogs will randomly be added, written in either Dutch or English. I am bi-lingual. For translations into either language I refer to Google or Bing Translate. Enjoy...